All your documents, untangled

A powerful yet simple,
interactive system for storing,
tracking, sharing and managing
immigration documents

Why DocuComb?
  • The American Dream
    Currently, in the US alone, more than 3 million people are on temporary visas
  • The Paperwork Nightmare
    Endless list of documents that need to be safely stored and tracked eg. Passport, Visas, I-20s, I-797 etc…
  • The Frustrated “Alien”
    Significant amount of hours are spend searching, scanning, sharing documents and filling up forms.

How DocuComb works

Just upload your immigration documents and relax, our AI based system will manage everything automatically

Upload your documents
Upload single or multiple documents at once
with ease and let the magic begin
Our AI system
analyzes each document
AI system will analyze each document,
and extract the important information
Render a dashboard
A dashboard to view, track and share all your
important immigration details
Ready to untangle
your immigration documents?
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